Sep 19, 2019

Slowdown- Direct Tax Collections Now a Crawl, Shrink Govt’s Space to Cut GST

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Net direct tax collections during April 1-September 15 Climbed Only 5 percent to Rs 4.4 lakh crore – against year’s target 17.3%. This below-than-expected expansion of indirect tax collections will muddy the government’s fiscal math.

The impact of a slowing economy is currently showing in authorities Earnings with direct tax collections in the initial five-and-a-half months of 2019-20 making up only a third of their target.

Net direct tax collections throughout April 1-September 15 grew Just 5% to Rs 4.4 lakh crore, implying the government would need to increase more than double this sum during the subsequent six-and-a-half weeks to meet the Budget estimate of Rs 13.35 lakh crore. For the full year, the Budget has targeted net direct taxation to increase by 17.3%.

September 15 is a deadline for direct tax collections as it marks the moment — of a total four — instalments for advance tax payment and from when employers are expected to pay 45% of the tax liability. Businesses pay 25 percent of their liability in the following two payments and 30 percent due December 15 and March 15, respectively.

The slowdown has translated into an expansion of 6% Ahead of up tax collection to September 15, according to 18% during the corresponding period last year. “Certainly, the slowdown in growth has started to reflect in tax collections,” that an official told.

This below-than-expected growth in direct tax collections Will also surpass the government’s financial mathematics and pose a challenge in fulfilling its fiscal deficit target of 3.3percent of their GDP. With refunds at Rs 1 lakh crore during the interval, which is only 4% higher, gross direct tax collections also have risen by just 5.5% in the first five-and-a-half months.

Coming before Friday’s GST Council meeting, the show that is Bad Side may render it next to impossible for the authorities to make any meaningful reduction in GST rates despite increasing pressure from business.

GST earnings, though, Had slowed to some low of Rs 98,902 crore.

With the revenue growth, the government’s Tax goals are currently looking out of reach for its second year.

The government had overlooked its taxation goals in the Previous fiscal year by Rs 63,000 crore. In 2018-19, the government had initially estimated direct tax revenue at Rs 11.5 lakh crore, which was revised up, to Rs 12 lakh crore. On the other hand, the actual direct tax receipts for 2018-19 was 11.37 lakh crore.

Following the shortfall in direct taxation revenue target for the government had reduced the tax targets year. Tax revenue target has been pegged at Rs crore for the current fiscal year, Rs 45,000 crore lower than the estimate of Rs 13.8 lakh crore in the interim Budget presented in February.

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